Golf Franchise

golf franchise

One of our new franchisees, John Hammond (L) (Golf Times Mid-Wisconsin) with Golf Times founder Chance Leith (R).

If you have a passion for golf and have an entrepreneur spirit we want to talk to you. A golf franchise is a great way to share your love for golf and be your own boss. The golf franchise industry is on the rise with many new franchisees starting their own retail, publication or other business related to golf.

Why should you focus your business ventures on golf? A golf franchise works for most people because of the growth in golfers all across the country. Over 22 million people play golf or have a passion for the game in the United States. Those numbers are expected to improve by over three million by 2020. Golfers are also the most dedicated athletes, playing over 58 rounds per year, on average, in the United States.

Not only is the game of golf more popular than ever among the general public, the people who take up the game have money to spend. 19 million golfers (about two-thirds of players) are college educated. The average golfer has an annual family income of over $100,000, according to 2014 numbers. Golfers are dedicated to, and willing to spend money on the sport. The average golfer spends about $2,800 on the game. That includes rounds, equipment, entertainment and other golf-related interests.

With so many golf franchise opportunities, it can be overwhelming searching for the right fit for you and your business goals. Golf Times Magazine is proud to be a golf franchise with a lot of attractive qualities. Namely we are a golf franchise that has less than $10,000 in start up costs! This low overhead means you don’t have to risk all of your finances to get your foot in the door with us. We also provide a lot of support and startup, including web, initial distribution, training and more!

More importantly, we provide a service that golfers love. We have a print magazine that is packed with local golf course reviews, where to eat, the best places to play and the best equipment to buy. We also load each issue with lots of advice on how to improve your game. A golf franchise that includes all of this information, for free is attractive and the reason why we have grown rapidly in 2016.

We also understand that most golfers are tech-savy. 90% of all golfers use the internet on a regular basis, and we know how to reach them, via digital issues, social media and on Google. We are a golf franchise that understands its demographics and how to find readers.

Golf Times is happy to hear from anyone who is interested in starting our publication anywhere in the United States where golf is enjoyed. Please continue to read if you are interested in our golf magazine franchise!