Myrtle Beach Golf

myrtle beach golfMyrtle Beach is one of the top destinations for golf in the United States, and even the world. Myrtle Beach golf courses have been recognized by many golf experts and publications as being some of the best in the world. That’s why USA Today named Myrtle Beach as one of its top 10 destinations for golf in 2014. Myrtle Beach golf has something for everyone who loves the game, and courses for every skill level.

Each year Myrtle Beach welcomes millions of tourists. During the peak times in the summer (July through late August), it is estimated by local experts that there is an average of four million people on the Grand Strand at any given time. And many of them come to enjoy all Myrtle Beach golf has to offer. According to the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce 13-percent of all visitors come to the area specifically to golf. Many people visit Myrtle Beach in the summer however the most popular times for golf are the spring and fall, when temperatures are above average, compared with much of the rest of the nation. Myrtle Beach has an average February temperature of 60 degrees, making it a wonderful getaway for golfers suffering through long, northern winters.

Myrtle Beach Golf: Growth

The first golf course constructed in Myrtle Beach was Pine Lakes, which was built in 1927 and still exists today. Since the opening of Pine Lakes, golf has been a major economic factor in Myrtle Beach. While growth started slow (the next course wasn’t built until 1960), momentum really started to build in the 1980s. That decade saw the creation of almost 20 percent of all the courses in existence today. The next decade was even better for Myrtle Beach golf enthusiasts. 28 courses were added over the course of the 1990s, as more golfers began buying vacation homes in the area to enjoy their favorite pastime.The turn of the century saw Myrtle Beach golf continue to grow in popularity, with completed construction on some of today’s most popular golf courses, including all of the courses at Barefoot Resort & Golf.

Today, Myrtle Beach is home to over 100 golf courses. In 2013 alone, 3.2 million rounds of golf was played in the Myrtle Beach area. One reason why so many people love Myrtle Beach golf is because of the value. Myrtle Beach courses offer some of the most competitive prices and value for golfers in the country. Those costs, combined with low costs on airfare to Myrtle Beach International Airport and low costs on vacation resorts make Myrtle Beach one of the most affordable places in the world for a golf vacation. While value is abundant at the beach, quality is not lost. In fact Golf Digest has ranked 50 (or roughly half) of all Myrtle Beach golf courses 4-stars or above. That’s more 4-star rankings than most states, combined.

The wide-variety of pristine golf courses is one of the reasons why Myrtle Beach is the home to so many different amateur and professional tournaments each year. The Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship is one of the top amateur tournaments in the country, with around 4,000 participants annually. Each year Myrtle Beach golf hosts dozens of tournaments and celebrity pro-ams. Many golf tournaments are hosted by local organizations and charities to help give back to our community as well as the global community. The Myrtle Beach Preseason Classic capitalizes on those warm winter temperatures and gives golfers a chance to play competitive while shaking off the winter-rust. Other popular tournaments that occur annually include: The Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship (which draws over 3300 players), the Hootie & the Blowfish Monday After the Masters Celebrity Pro-Am ( a great charity event), the Veterans Golf Classic, Myrtle Beach Fall Classic, Calabash Cup and many, many others.

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